Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 1

I arrived at the 4th door of the big terminal in the Twin Cities to a cast of blank glares. Maybe it was because it was 8:00 AM, or maybe it was because of the mystery of Catalyst that was ahead of us. I'd like to think it was a mixture of the two.

The first plane ride was uneventful and short. I remember debating in my head whether or not to get up to use the facilities when the attendant announced we'd be in Chicago in 15 minutes. I waited until we were there.

An hour later we were back on a plane heading towards our destination. Physically it was uneventful but I cant even begin to explain where my mind was at. Maybe ask me when you see me and I'll be able to put it into words? Anyways, we arrived safely.

The train was my first glimpse at life here. It was pretty much just as at the airport stop but as the journey continued the car filled up more and more. A station called Pentagon came and went by surprise, I must have forgotten where I was already. People look the same as anywhere else.

Did I mention that it's like 70 degrees?! I forgot what that felt like! Tomorrow we start the Homeless Challenge and the temp. is supposed to drop back down to Minnesota standards. I'm excited to see this new city in a perspective that I have almost never seen any other city. Most of all though I'm excited to meet new people, which is odd because I'm definitely an introvert. We'll see how it all turns out!

-Gordy V.

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