Thursday, March 27, 2014

D.C Catalyst Trip Day Six: Law

Hello World!

So today is Thursday Day 6. We venture off to a new journey of our day. We woke up at 7:00am, pack a lunch and got breakfeast. Left to the metro/bus to our new destination: Martha's Table. Click link to find out  out more : 

Arriving to Martha's table we helped carried boxes and set up tables of food and distribute them to people.
Photos below to portray what we done:

After helping with Martha's table. My group went to Capital Area Food Bank Click link to find out more  from there our task was to box, tape, and separate food.  
After this we went back to the hostel where dinner was prepared for us spaghetti made by the Maleni, Zoe, Erica, Gordy & Patrica. The meal was delicious. My rating: 10/10. Great job!

We then had our reflection and talked about our days, play games and had a great bonding time together. Share laughs and smile :) As our reflection was done we went off to Froyo to grab us some delicious, amazing, & awesome yogurt. After Froyo we were split up to go to any destination we want. My group went to cruise around Chinatown.

Thanks and have a great night! I am looking forward to Day 7: Friday.

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