Monday, March 24, 2014

Rayla and Cristina @ barnes and nobel

Hey guys so we are here at the barnes and nobel blogging live from washington DC! Its chilly out today! We are on hour 30 of our homeless challenge and last night was really rough! We just got yelled at for using the nook device its pretty clear we are not welcomed here... we don't have any food or money right now so we will need panhandle soon but we are trying to avoidthe weather. Tonight there will be snow so wish our group luck sleeping outside!
Stay tuned tunned for more updates on our adventure!
Rayla and c

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  1. So proud of you and your friends to want to experience this and face reality as a homeless person, knowone in America should be homeless and without food and other necessities, great job and stay strong, love you all, Rayla,s Uncle Randy.