Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day One

Today has been a long, exhausting day of travel.  We flew from Minneapolis to Chicago, then from Chicago to DC, coming in around 5 or 6.  

Shortly after arriving at the hostel, we had the opportunity to sit down with two men who had previously experienced homelessness.  Their stories and powerful words offered as a personal glimpse into this problem that the country is faced with.  There were two things that really stuck with me that were said during this time.  The first being, if you happen to error, make sure you error on the side of kindness.  The other thing that will stick with me was said after this gentleman got done telling his story of how he found himself in a situation where he was the one who was homeless.  He said he had a purpose in life and that he had to go through what he was faced with in order to fulfill that purpose.  That really struck me as an incredible way to look at everything that had been faced with and is a lesson that everyone could apply to their lives.  Being homeless wasn't a part of what he had pictured for his life, but it became a part of his journey, and through that struggle he is able to now fulfill that purpose in his life.

We're off to do the homeless challenge tomorrow and I'm not completely sure what to expect from it yet....I'm scared/excited/nervous all at the same time, so we'll see how it goes!!


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