Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey from DC- McKenzie

Hey all!

So today was probably my favorite day of the whole trip.  We woke up a little later than normal, actually got to eat breakfast at the hostel, and then set-up and served the homeless population of DC through Martha's Market.

We hopped on a bus, got to Martha's Table, and headed up to the gym to set up the Market.  There were people lined up outside all waiting to get in before the trucks were even there! It was great to be able to do all of the grunt set up work and then actually serve the people.  We greeted everyone with tea, smiles, and good mornings! I even got to throw in a little bit of Spanish knowledge.  Thank goodness I remembered the words for hot and cold!

After we finished up there, my group went to the Capital Area Foodbank to sort food.  Rayla and I had a ton of energy and were willing to help with everything! It was fun for a while but I could see how it would get a little long volunteering there.

We all met back at the hostel for a great spaghetti dinner and a good reflection.  We decided we needed some FroYo after our 4 o'clock dinner and basically ran there!  And of course shopping followed..

Anyway, goodnight!

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